Internal code documentation


The information in this section only pertains to the development and maintenance of the MDTF framework code. It’s not needed for end users to run the package, or for POD developers to develop new diagnostics.

Package code and API documentation

These sections provide an overview of specific parts of the code that’s more higher-level than the module docstrings.

Module index

Main framework modules

Supporting framework modules

Utility modules

The src.util subpackage provides non-MDTF-specific utility functionality used many places in the modules above. See the util subpackage documentation for an overview.


Classes and functions that define and operate on basic data structures.


Extensions to Python dataclasses, for streamlined class definition.


Classes for serializing and deserializing dates and times expressed as strings in filenames and paths.


All framework-specific exceptions are placed in a single module to simplify imports.


Utility functions for interacting with the local filesystem and configuration files.


Utilities related to configuration and handling of framework logging.


Utility functions for defining directory paths


Utility functions for dealing with subprocesses.