EOF of Geopotential Height Diagnostic Module From NCAR

Last update: 03/11/2019

Contact info

  • Current Developer: Dani Coleman (​bundy@ucar.edu​), NCAR

  • Contributors: Dennis Shea, Andrew Gettleman, Jack Chen (NCAR)

This computes the climatological anomalies of 500 hPa geopotential height, then calculates the EOFs using ​NCL’s eofunc​. The code is in ​NCL​ and requires model input:

  1. monthly averaged surface pressure (ps),

  2. monthly averaged geopotential height (zg).

  • Generates a netcdf file of climatological anomalies of 500 hPa geopotential height (compute_anomalies.ncl)

  • Calculates and plot EOFs of North Atlantic (eof_natlantic.ncl) and North Pacific regions using NCL function eofunc

  • Uses pre-made figures of eofs of NCEP observational data for comparison.


All scripts can be found at: mdtf/MDTF_$ver/var_code/EOF_500hPa

  1. Make anomalies (compute_anomalies.ncl)

2. Calculated and plots EOFs in N. Atlantic (eof_natlantic.ncl) and N. Pacific (eof_npacific.ncl)

Preprocessed observational data from NCEP as gif images are located in mdtf/``inputdata/obs_data/EOF_500hPa

Place your input data at: inputdata/model/$model_name/day index.html can be found at: mdtf/MDTF_$ver/wkdir/MDTF_$model_name

Required Programing Language and libraries

All these scripts required NCAR Command Language Version 6.3.0 or higher

Required input data to the module:

  1. Monthly averaged surface pressure (ps)

  2. Monthly averaged geopotential height (zg)