src.conflict_resolution module

Currently unused; implements dependency resolution for plug-ins, intended as part of a future release.

src.conflict_resolution.require_all_same(option_dict, option_fn, tiebreaker_fn=None)[source]
src.conflict_resolution.same_for_subsets(option_dict, subsets, option_fn, tiebreaker_fn=None)[source]
src.conflict_resolution.all_same_if_possible(option_dict, subsets, option_fn, tiebreaker_fn=None)[source]
src.conflict_resolution.minimum_cover(option_dict, option_fn, tiebreaker_fn=None)[source]

Determine experiment component(s) from heuristics.

  1. Pick all data from the same component if possible, and from as few

    components if not. See and

  2. If multiple components satisfy (1) equally well, use a tie-breaking

    heuristic (_component_tiebreaker()).


datasets (iterable of DataSetBase) – Collection of all variables being requested in this DataManager.


name(s) of model components to use.

Return type:

List of str

Raises: AssertionError if problem is unsatisfiable. This indicates some

error in the input data.